Russ Baum

I am an independent B.M.I. artist from Carmel, IN. I have recently found myself as front-page news on the local papers, performed on television on WTIU Bloomington’s the Weekly Special, received radio play on WFHB in Bloomington, IN, I have developed and completed a small record contract for 1,000 albums at Stormy Tuesday Records, I have received positive reviews on my debut album "Goodfish" which is available at Luna Music and Indy CD/Vinyl in the Indy area and Ear-Xtacy in Loiusville my music has become available on Touchtunes satellite Jukebox Systems, I have had success marketing my concerts in central and southern Indiana in venues including Birdys, The Bluebird, Max's Place, Uncle Festers house of Blooze, the Rathskellar, ect.

I have traveled as far as Tempe, AZ to perform my original music in Club Red / The Red Owl. I have performed along side Larry Crane, Max Allen Band, Jason Devore (Authority Zero), Hairbangers Ball, Zoso and other respectable artists. I have created an energetic street team called the Bomb Squad to interact with the general public and produce buzz in the scene. I have a cult following and I am currently preparing to record my sophomore album which I feel will be a player in the national Rock/Pop/Folk scene.

I would describe our sound as Folk-Energy, strong folk metaphors with energetic riffs with feeling from punk rock to reggae. Put Jack Johnson, Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Townes Van Zandt, and Jason Mraz into a blender and turn it up to high without a lid on top.

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