Theresa Tremmel

I'm a musician living in Indianapolis. I enjoy making and listening to music, reading, shopping, being with friends, exploring this lovely city, learning new things, exploring the spiritual realm, and appreciating nature.

I'm a native Californian who has lived much of my adult life in the Midwest as I went on my spiritual quest and I've been grateful for all the beauty I find everywhere in this great land. I'm in Indianapolis right now and totally enjoying the city and my three jobs. I have a degree in Classical Ballet-which I used alot when I was younger but now is a good exercise regime. I've played piano since I was small, organ since I was 26, and harp is my third instrument. I compose music as well as play for a church and do weddings. I'm single but am fortunate to have a wonderful man in my life who is so very good to me. I'm also the daughter of a Marine from Biloxi Miss. who served on Iwo Jima and a wonderful woman, a huge hearted, tireless native of Kansas-both of whom are still living. I have two sisters and a brother, all of whom have children so I have beloved nieces and nephews to brag about.
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